Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Do you remember copying your Dad shaving when you were a youngster...Now, with this great advice boys and girls can have their whiskers too!!


Most boys have a passion for whiskers, and (if some of them have not been much maligned) the use of the razor has frequently been discovered before the necessity of its assistance has arisen.

Shaving to produce hair, however, is a slow process to that which our boys may adopt this merry holiday-tide by a system which is simplicity itself. As if by magic, beard, moustache, whiskers, “billy-goat” every style of hirsute adornment, spread over the downy lips, cheeks, chins, of unfledged striplings!

And this is HOW IT’S DONE! Apparatus required:- two screens, a table, two lamps and reflectors, a small piece of silvered glass, and several pieces of wood with cardboard tacked on to them, which we will describe.

The performer sits behind a table, with the screens on either hand, and the lamps are arranged behind these on each side, on a level with his face upon which, by the aid of the reflectors, a strong light is thrown. Between his face and the lamps he holds a stick in each hand, and on the tops of these (which should be long enough to rest on the table, to give them steadiness) are fixed pieces of cardboard of such shape that their shadows falling on the face give the effect of moustache, whiskers, etc. On the table the piece of silvered glass is fixed so that it will not interfere with the view of the audience, and yet the performer may see his face in it.

The lights being “down” in front greatly assists the illusion, and some extra fun may be made by swallowing the moustache. This is done by opening the mouth, and, at the same moment turning the sticks sharply, so as to remove the shadows from the lips.

We cannot give any precise instructions as to the shape of the cardboard pieces, as all, of course, depends upon the size of the face. A little practice will however, soon determine the shapes required for “beard of formal cut,” or moustachios of all kinds and sizes.
We will give the simplest form first, (fig.1); but you may go into very elaborate curled moustachios and deliver a lecture on the various forms of vanity in these matters, the military moustache, the fop’s etc., with illustrations.

Here is an elegant one for instance, (fig.2) a “curled darling.” The sticks, lamps, and all your other aids to illusion are out of the view of the audience, concealed by the screens, and your face appears thus:-

Here is the back view, with the lamps fixed to the screens, and throwing a fierce light on the artist’s face; and his whiskers, etc, which are not in use are ready on racks at each side, you will observe.

If the expression of the face be altered for the different styles of moustache, etc., it will add very much to the fun of the entertainment.

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